Our services

When all other physical and psychological means have been in vain, a psychic approach often proves to be helpful. Afterall many diseases and symptoms (i.e. addictions, borderline, depression, anger, insomnia) originate in the realm of our spirit. Our abilities allow us to connect with the soul of our client and spirit advisors to then choose the best path of healing, transformation and liberation. 

Our services include:

  • Psychic counselling and coaching
  • Psychic healing, i.e. aura surgery
  • Clearing of soul blockages, i.e. past-life trauma, removal of disturbing entities, soul retrieval
  • Lightmeridiantherapy
  • Energetic body healingwork
  • Spaceclearing

Susanne is a trained social worker but also worked in tourism and as estate agent. Matthias started out as a teacher before becoming an entrepreneur and owning his own business.  We realised that not only our interests are very compatible, but that also our talents are extremely complementary. This not only allows for a great relationship, but for good teamwork to the benefit of our clients, especially if they are couples. Our training spans from developing our psychic skills as well as various spiritual and metaphysical healing techniques including Shamanism, and energetic bodywork. 

 Since the beginning of this path in 2007 we discovered that what we do actually works, gets increasingly better and is a most rewarding contribution to life and fellow humans. We particularly enjoy helping other healers – and often cooperate with others whose core competence is in another field.

Contact and Costs


are by appointment only, please call: +49-176-14690083


  • One hour session; 40 – 70 €
  • Usually two hours are needed for the first appointment.

All else by agreement. If you are in need but financially tight, please call us – we will find a solution.

Please note:

A session with us cannot substitute any kind of medical treatment, but can supplement it on occasion. Never stop a treatment you are following with a physician or psychiatrist!

Our German terms of business also apply to clients of other nations.